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Friday, July 28, 2006
The last few weeks since my second surgery, I've just been feeling kinda crappy. Between having surgery, having bowel problems post-surgery, and taking umpteen thousand medications since my transplant it has been hard for the doctor to pinpoint why I'm feeling this way. I can't even really put it into words how I'm feeling for him.....kinda blah-ish doesn't really work for a doctor. Chronic mildly-upset stomach? Dizzyness, sorta? Lightheaded, sorta? I feel ok, but not great....I tell everyone I feel about 85% (of what, I don't really know). Whatever it is.....I felt better right after my transplant than I feel right now, and it really seems to be since my second surgery that its been happening.

Last night the nurse coordinator called me with my lab results from yesterday and it turns out my white blood cell count is unusually low (even for someone who is immunosuppressed) they want me to stop taking one of my immunosuppressants for a couple days, then go get blood drawn again to see if it helped. It could explain why I'm feeling shitty.

They may not have even looked at my WBC count if I didn't say something.
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