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Thursday, July 20, 2006
I think so.

Not sure what my topics are yet. Probably more medical stuff.

I've pretty much neglected my blog for awhile, but since I've been gone....

1) I've had more surgery to correct a minor complication (no big deal).
2) I've not been feeling 100%. More like 85%, but not getting any better.
3) Discovered my tastes buds have changed. Things I used to live to eat, I am indifferent to now.
4) I have been back an forth from my house to my parents, mostly at my parents as they are closer to the hospital, but think I am going home permanently tonight.
5) I am in whirlwind of TV watching and can't keep up with all the "talent" based (or lack there of ) reality shows that are on right now.
6) I am losing weight without excercising and I'm not sure if that's officially good or not. The doctors seem unconcerned.
7) Still take lots of drugs, and I really am beginning to love sleeping pills. I intentionally don't take them every day, but sleep 10 times better on the days that I do. I only got 15 of them so I am using them sparingly.

That's all for now. Maybe now that I'm at work regularly I'll find a few minutes a day to keep up the blog.
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  • At 6:42 AM, Blogger Jane said…

    Because you hadn't posted for several weeks, I was concerned that something had happened to your new kidney!
    I'm sorry about the minor complication, but i'm glad you are back!
    As far as reality shows go....have you watched Family Plots? It's about a family that runs a funeral home. The father is a recovering alcoholic, and I think he has ADD...he irritates the crap out of his daughter the control freak.......and then there's the Roloffs, Little People Big World. Little people parents with 2 normal size kids and one little sized kid. They live on this beautiful farm that the father has turned into this famtasy farm for his kids so that they'd have the childhood he never had......I love him, he's a sweetheart of a person.
    So welcome back, and I hope you're at 100% soon!

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