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Tuesday, July 25, 2006
I have glimpsed the future, and I want to let everyone know that if you weren't popular in high school and always wished you were, you get a do-over. Your opportunity to start again, is by playing bridge. That's right....bridge, the card game. You know...the game your gramma played with all her friends over canned cookies and cocktai.....ooops I mean tea.

Some friends and I started playing bridge a few years ago.....around age thirty. We were always amongst the youngest people in the bridge club. We probably will get to keep that distinction for another 30 years. When we began going to the club, one of the first things I noticed was that the best players were always pointed out to you. Whispered about with reverence as a warning to be careful when you face them....not just careful about your play, but careful about aggravating them, because the best players are not to be pissed off. Don't talk too much, don't play too slow, don't chew your canned cookies with your mouth full. Those are the cool kids (septuagenarian kids), don't fuck with 'em. When they walk in the room, the air intensifies and a noticeable drop in sound takes over the room for a few minutes.

So, here's your chance....if you didn't get to be the quarterback or head cheerleader when you were cool by playing bridge. Not just playing, dominating at it....start early, learn alot and by the time you are in your sixties you will have a leg up on all the late comer, old farts who started in their fifties. No one tells you how to be cool as a teenager, you just have to learn on your own. So I am spreading the word to the people I care about (both of you who read my blog), bridge is the way. Get on it.
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