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Monday, July 31, 2006

If you ever find yourself playing a gig that happens to be a private party on a five acre lot for 200 rugged bikers* after they just finished a 250 mile ride and are feasting on deep fried turkey and baked beans, the actual way to make them get up out of their folding camping chairs, throw off their skull-airbrushed leather vests, and boogie their steel-toed boots off until wee hours is to play Material Girl by Madonna, and not Honky Tonk Woman by the Rolling Stones, as you may have thought. Yeah, I know....I don't get it either, but just trust me**.

*Not the bikers of the new millenium that simultaneously own a BMW 530xi Sportswagon & a Screamin Eagle Fat Boy. The real kind......the kind that make choppers louder than got by piecing together their bike from old soup cans and chain saws parts with a motor from an old Chevy Chevelle that has been modified to fit in their bike frame.

**I'm really not just trying to get you beaten up or elimate the competition. This is actually a proven technique by my own band.
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Friday, July 28, 2006
The last few weeks since my second surgery, I've just been feeling kinda crappy. Between having surgery, having bowel problems post-surgery, and taking umpteen thousand medications since my transplant it has been hard for the doctor to pinpoint why I'm feeling this way. I can't even really put it into words how I'm feeling for him.....kinda blah-ish doesn't really work for a doctor. Chronic mildly-upset stomach? Dizzyness, sorta? Lightheaded, sorta? I feel ok, but not great....I tell everyone I feel about 85% (of what, I don't really know). Whatever it is.....I felt better right after my transplant than I feel right now, and it really seems to be since my second surgery that its been happening.

Last night the nurse coordinator called me with my lab results from yesterday and it turns out my white blood cell count is unusually low (even for someone who is immunosuppressed) they want me to stop taking one of my immunosuppressants for a couple days, then go get blood drawn again to see if it helped. It could explain why I'm feeling shitty.

They may not have even looked at my WBC count if I didn't say something.
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Morbid Realization (This post makes me wonder why REAL is at the root of realization?)
Thursday, July 27, 2006
I have been thinking the past few days about the consequences of me being immunosuppressed. For some reason the following scenario actually scares me a little.

Let's say its the year 2015, and some new dumbass president of the US decides to press THE button. You know which button I'm talking about. Now let's pretend some other world power strikes back . Doomsday, now what.....well, some of us survive (and of course I'm one of them). Let's say its safe to surface in month or so (not because that's realistic, but because that's when I'll run out of medications).

So in a month, we all put on our camouflage clothing (that's apparently the only kind of attire that makes it through in post-apocalyptic Hollywood movies, so that's the image I'll stick with here), and head out to see what's left of the world. I'm totally screwed. The rest of you will all be foraging for food and water, but the first thing on my mind is how am I gonna find a lifetime supply of Cellcept and some other stupid study drug that hasn't even been approved by the FDA yet. How am I gonna keep my kidney working so it can clean the blood that has to flow through my new prophetic baby head (sprouting out of my side from the high levels of radiation), which is supposed to lead the resistance against the robot army the world's computers have created to rid the planet of human existence? (I name the head Moby).

First I will have to start looting the drug stores, but of course I won't be the first one to get there. Some other asshole will have emptied out all the shelves, kept the pain killers for himself, then will have thrown all my immunsuppressants into the day glow green river on the edge of town. Of course the same will be true at the hospitals, doctors offices, and drug manufacturing plants. You goddamn drugstore cowboys! My new nemeses!

My survival potential will be severly curtailed during the earth's rebuilding period after a nuclear war. Can you believe this is what keeps me (and Moby) up at night?
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All The Cool Kids Are Doing It!
Tuesday, July 25, 2006
I have glimpsed the future, and I want to let everyone know that if you weren't popular in high school and always wished you were, you get a do-over. Your opportunity to start again, is by playing bridge. That's right....bridge, the card game. You know...the game your gramma played with all her friends over canned cookies and cocktai.....ooops I mean tea.

Some friends and I started playing bridge a few years ago.....around age thirty. We were always amongst the youngest people in the bridge club. We probably will get to keep that distinction for another 30 years. When we began going to the club, one of the first things I noticed was that the best players were always pointed out to you. Whispered about with reverence as a warning to be careful when you face them....not just careful about your play, but careful about aggravating them, because the best players are not to be pissed off. Don't talk too much, don't play too slow, don't chew your canned cookies with your mouth full. Those are the cool kids (septuagenarian kids), don't fuck with 'em. When they walk in the room, the air intensifies and a noticeable drop in sound takes over the room for a few minutes.

So, here's your chance....if you didn't get to be the quarterback or head cheerleader when you were cool by playing bridge. Not just playing, dominating at it....start early, learn alot and by the time you are in your sixties you will have a leg up on all the late comer, old farts who started in their fifties. No one tells you how to be cool as a teenager, you just have to learn on your own. So I am spreading the word to the people I care about (both of you who read my blog), bridge is the way. Get on it.
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Talent? Shows!
Friday, July 21, 2006
Before I write any further I must make a confession. I am a 30-something straight male, I watch sports, I eat brots, and I leave the toilet seat up (about half the time). Men stuff...basically. My admission to you now is that......I like American Idol. There I said it. I'm not sure if that makes me more feminine in some way, but I'm comfortable with that.

Fox seems to have gotten the talent show genre locked up. They just do it right. The judges are honest, the competitors are real, the talent really is there, and the outtakes are hilarious. I even watch the non-singing version, So You Think You Can Dance. I AM sure that makes me a little more feminine, but whatever, I'll deal with that in therapy if I need to.

I've found the genre particularly appealing because.....well, I'm a musician in a cover band. This has been a hobby of mine since I was very young. Years and years of trying to put and keep bands together requires hours and hours of auditioning. I can tell you from experience the outtakes on AI are very true to life. There loads of people out there that think they can sing that are just simply tone deaf, ignorant, and overly-confident. I have lived my own little AI over my course of playing music. I cannot tell you how many auditions I've been in where the discussion in the room shortly after the person left amounted to "Can you believe how terrible that was?" followed by several sarcastic comments a few rounds of hard laughter. If only I had thought to video tape these, I could have been years ahead of Nigel Lythgow.

The other networks, though have gotten completely insane over this genre, though. One night this week competing networks aired: So You Think You Can Dance, Rock Star: Supernova, Making The One, and America's Got Talent. ALL competing against each other in the same time slots. How many different ways do the networks think they can divide up the pie that is the amount of femininity inside me I'm comfortable with.

Sure, I watched the "sword swallower with wings and platform shoes" on AGT as I was waiting through commercials of So You Think You Can Dance. And, yeah....I stopped watching the baseball game the other night, so I could see the season premier of Making The One, because they suckered me in with all the "see what goes on behind the scenes" crap. And, of course.....the remote automatically stops on any channel that has Brooke Burke on, so I may often catch glimpses of Rock Star: Supernova.

A quick review of each one:
America's Got Talent: Crap
Making The One: Crap
Rock Star-Supernova: Crap
(Will this stop me from watching them? Of course not)

All this usually happens while I'm trying to watch Big Brother, American Idol, Survivor, Real World, Road Rules, Real World/Road Rules Challenge, Solitary, Project Runway, or Battle of The Network Reality Stars. So I may have a problem. Yeah.....the problem is TIVO only records two things at once. HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO WATCH ALL THIS CRAP???? (Forget what it may be doing to my brain)

So, a plea to the networks.....please learn to stagger your programming better so I can watch all the shit you are trying to shove down my throat.

Or better yet....stop airing all this crap completely. Just cut me off!
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Drive to write some more?
Thursday, July 20, 2006
I think so.

Not sure what my topics are yet. Probably more medical stuff.

I've pretty much neglected my blog for awhile, but since I've been gone....

1) I've had more surgery to correct a minor complication (no big deal).
2) I've not been feeling 100%. More like 85%, but not getting any better.
3) Discovered my tastes buds have changed. Things I used to live to eat, I am indifferent to now.
4) I have been back an forth from my house to my parents, mostly at my parents as they are closer to the hospital, but think I am going home permanently tonight.
5) I am in whirlwind of TV watching and can't keep up with all the "talent" based (or lack there of ) reality shows that are on right now.
6) I am losing weight without excercising and I'm not sure if that's officially good or not. The doctors seem unconcerned.
7) Still take lots of drugs, and I really am beginning to love sleeping pills. I intentionally don't take them every day, but sleep 10 times better on the days that I do. I only got 15 of them so I am using them sparingly.

That's all for now. Maybe now that I'm at work regularly I'll find a few minutes a day to keep up the blog.
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