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Friday, June 02, 2006
Thought one - the auther is a complete bigot. Charging one group of people a different price than everyone else because of their lifestyle "choices"? Are you fucking kidding me? I think this is exactly where nazis started with their ideology. Lets just charge the Jews more money for being Jews. And gays. And Black. And.....wait....why stop there. Lets just burn them all.

Thought two - I would think the commenters would be less "on board" with the whole idea of the blog entry. That some collective voice of reason would say "that's discrimination, and it's not funny." But the collective voice was on the side of the author. "Yeah I hate fat people, too! Good writing, author!" Is this really 2006?

Thought three - No one chooses to be fat. Its not a simple result of "eat too much, excercise too little" and you end up fat. That's a complete oversimplification of how one ends up fat. There are so many factors about how people get fat, I can't possibly name them all, but all the ones I can think of are: how you eat, when you eat, why you eat, what you eat, how you were raised, social class, where you live, what the climate is, what food is available to you, whether or not you were abused as a child, genetics, social conditioning, advertising, medical conditions that prevent you from being active, side effects of prescription drugs, addiction, age, metabolism.....I'm probably leaving out about 100 other reasons. Anyways, my guess is that with all the reasons there are one can end up fat, possibly only 10% of fat people can be held accountable for the "eat too much food, excersize too little and you end up fat" reason. If that.

Thought four - um, author....the medical community doesn't define diseases as "something you can catch". Just because you can't "catch" obesity doesn't rule it out as a disease. I didn't "catch" my kidney disease from someone who coughed it on me. And you can't "catch" cancer because didn't wash your hands enough. You're an even bigger moron for thinking diseases are only somethig you can "catch".

Thought five- I love how young people think they are going to be skinny forever. Last I checked our nation was fatter than ever. Every news article you read about obesity in America tells you that there are now more people overweight in America then there are not. Logic tells us Author (age 24), that if we were to place a bet in Vegas that you will end up fat by age 35, we are more likely to win that bet than lose it. I hope you are still writing about discrimantion of fat people then.

Thought six - one commenter said "It's called a joke, people. Jeesh." I can take a joke, dipshit.....but when you start defending your bigoted views seriously??? I gotta call out. Wake up asshole.....a joke is not a joke anymore when you tell the world you actually believe what you are saying.

Thought seven - political view is a funny thing. I'm not Republican and I'm not Democrat, and I didn't vote for 17 years because I couldn't find a party I can actually align myself with. The very simplified base of my political views are this: (1) The less government involvement in my life the better (this is the financial basis of conservatism, but for some reason when it comes to social issues, conservatives are all up in your shit.....conversly this is the social basis for liberalism, but of course, financially.....they are similarly all up in your shit). (2) Be tolerant of others (something liberals profess profusely). It's really pretty simple. Government - stay out of my life as much as you can, police the world around me, defend my country, and charge taxes fairly to cover the cost of all that. The rest is just bureaucratic bullshit. I don't know what that makes me, though....conservative or liberal. I don't even really care to put a label on it. But I will say shame on you so called "liberals" who preach tolerance and can still manage to discriminate against someone. And fuck you RAW!

And while we're at it, conservatives? Fuck you too. (but at least you don't hide your bigotry, and we can all see it coming).
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  • At 12:48 AM, Blogger Fat Tuesday said…

    ok, i'm a little late in reading this post and leaving a comment, but i liked it. i understand your political views because they are the same as mine. anyhow, i just started a blog and it's not that interesting (just me venting after everyone else has gone to sleep for the night), but feel free to check it out:

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