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Saturday, June 10, 2006
I got the following recipe off another blog, and I'm very much looking forward to making it....although I a have question. If you cut it into 8 equal triangles, how does it make 12?

Lemon Scones
Makes 12

3 cups all-purpose flour
3 tablespoons sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
3/4 teaspoon baking soda
1 1/2 sticks butter (3/4 cup), unsalted, cubed
2 6-ounce containers lemon yogurt
2 teaspoons lemon juice
2 teaspoons lemon thyme or lemon balm, chopped

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees. Place the flour, sugar, baking powder and soda in a bowl and whisk to remove lumps. Cut in the butter with a pastry cutter or in the food processor until the butter is pea-size. Add the yogurt, lemon juice and lemon thyme or balm. Mix together gently with a spoon and then turn out onto a floured board. Form into a round as pictured above (about 3/4 inch tall) and then slice into 8 equal triangles. Bake until brown on top, about 12-14 minutes.
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Mars Has People (and they love soccer!)
Source: KNTV Channel 11 News (San Francisco/San Jose)
Date: 6/9/06, 11:25-ish

Female Newscaster (throwing it over to sports): So, Jim [name changed to protect the stupid], it looks like a lot of people will be watching soccer this weekend.
Sportscaster: That’s right, Anne [also changed], approximately 30 billion people will be watching the World Cup. More on that when we return.*

Thoughts: 30 billion! Wow! This does prove human life exists on other planets! And they have TV’s! Either that or China is growing faster than we thought.

*I wish I could say this was taken out of context, but when they returned from commercials, he repeated the number 30 billion again.
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Thursday, June 08, 2006
I was watching the Food Network the other day (I know....there is a pattern to my TV watching habits), and Gianna “What’s Her Face’s” show Everyday Italian was on. I watch this channel to get inspiration for dinner and/or get useful cooking tips. Gianna was making some sort of gourmet sandwich of which I had not too much interest in, but she did have a tip to offer. She was going to be putting mayo and mustard on this sandwich and she had this to say: “When I put mayo and mustard on sandwiches I use two knives, one for the mayo and one for the mustard. That way I don’t get mayonnaise in the mustard jar.”

To the Food Network audience who actually needs this advice*:
1) If you have actually made it this far in life without making your own bologna and cheese sandwich, I applaud your laziness. Please let me know if your mom will adopt me and/or your spouse will divorce you and marry me.
2) It may be time for you to give up on your hopes of cooking and change the channel to the Cartoon Network. And, please, stay away from knives altogether, especially two at the same time.
3) Never, ever……EVER!.....make me dinner.

To Gianna:
1) Did you actually go to a fancy cooking school in Paris to learn that little gem of culinary advice?
2) You’re still hot as hell, but c’mon REALLY? Did you have to go and say that on national TV and ruin my thoughts of you being the perfect woman?
3) Never, ever……EVER!.....make me dinner. OK…scratch that….you can make me dinner, but please leave all the cutting, chopping and slicing to me.

*This excludes anyone who may be mentally challenged/impaired and children under the age of say....10. No....9. No.....6.
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Thoughts? Yeah, I have some thoughts....
Friday, June 02, 2006
Thought one - the auther is a complete bigot. Charging one group of people a different price than everyone else because of their lifestyle "choices"? Are you fucking kidding me? I think this is exactly where nazis started with their ideology. Lets just charge the Jews more money for being Jews. And gays. And Black. And.....wait....why stop there. Lets just burn them all.

Thought two - I would think the commenters would be less "on board" with the whole idea of the blog entry. That some collective voice of reason would say "that's discrimination, and it's not funny." But the collective voice was on the side of the author. "Yeah I hate fat people, too! Good writing, author!" Is this really 2006?

Thought three - No one chooses to be fat. Its not a simple result of "eat too much, excercise too little" and you end up fat. That's a complete oversimplification of how one ends up fat. There are so many factors about how people get fat, I can't possibly name them all, but all the ones I can think of are: how you eat, when you eat, why you eat, what you eat, how you were raised, social class, where you live, what the climate is, what food is available to you, whether or not you were abused as a child, genetics, social conditioning, advertising, medical conditions that prevent you from being active, side effects of prescription drugs, addiction, age, metabolism.....I'm probably leaving out about 100 other reasons. Anyways, my guess is that with all the reasons there are one can end up fat, possibly only 10% of fat people can be held accountable for the "eat too much food, excersize too little and you end up fat" reason. If that.

Thought four - um, author....the medical community doesn't define diseases as "something you can catch". Just because you can't "catch" obesity doesn't rule it out as a disease. I didn't "catch" my kidney disease from someone who coughed it on me. And you can't "catch" cancer because didn't wash your hands enough. You're an even bigger moron for thinking diseases are only somethig you can "catch".

Thought five- I love how young people think they are going to be skinny forever. Last I checked our nation was fatter than ever. Every news article you read about obesity in America tells you that there are now more people overweight in America then there are not. Logic tells us Author (age 24), that if we were to place a bet in Vegas that you will end up fat by age 35, we are more likely to win that bet than lose it. I hope you are still writing about discrimantion of fat people then.

Thought six - one commenter said "It's called a joke, people. Jeesh." I can take a joke, dipshit.....but when you start defending your bigoted views seriously??? I gotta call out. Wake up asshole.....a joke is not a joke anymore when you tell the world you actually believe what you are saying.

Thought seven - political view is a funny thing. I'm not Republican and I'm not Democrat, and I didn't vote for 17 years because I couldn't find a party I can actually align myself with. The very simplified base of my political views are this: (1) The less government involvement in my life the better (this is the financial basis of conservatism, but for some reason when it comes to social issues, conservatives are all up in your shit.....conversly this is the social basis for liberalism, but of course, financially.....they are similarly all up in your shit). (2) Be tolerant of others (something liberals profess profusely). It's really pretty simple. Government - stay out of my life as much as you can, police the world around me, defend my country, and charge taxes fairly to cover the cost of all that. The rest is just bureaucratic bullshit. I don't know what that makes me, though....conservative or liberal. I don't even really care to put a label on it. But I will say shame on you so called "liberals" who preach tolerance and can still manage to discriminate against someone. And fuck you RAW!

And while we're at it, conservatives? Fuck you too. (but at least you don't hide your bigotry, and we can all see it coming).
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The comments are better than the orignal post....
Thursday, June 01, 2006
The names below have been changed to protect the GUILTY (of bigotry). ***notes are my own personal thoughts as I went through these comments. Keep in mind that these people are discussing the NYC subway. We are talking about the "most progressive city" in the "most progressive" country in the world. I bet most of these people consider themselves liberal:

Commenter #1 said...
and along those lines, shouldn't particularly narrow people get a discount? if you're shifting the distribution in the other direction, there should be a kickback, yeah? "Kids under 12 and people under 105 ride free!" sort of thing...

The Author said...
Exactly! I should also ride free if I sit on someone's lap. (Just me though - applied to everyone else it would promote sluttishness.)

Ahh, I love public policy! (love bubble butts more, but enough about that...)such a regulation will never pass and i'll tell you why: disproportionate effect on neighborhoods. which neighborhoods have the fattest people? the poor ones! when i lived in the heart of bed-stuy i saw obesity like crazy. the A train had tons of people spilling over that divider lip thing. try to enact a law like that and you'll have democrats pulling the class card, Al Sharpton pulling the race card and class action lawyers pulling out business'd just be a total mess.and yes i realize that was way too serious an answer for a tongue-in-cheek question.

Commenter #1 said...
Perhaps a total mess, but also much more spacious! nothing like a little righteous indignation to free up some seats...

Commenter #2 said...
I've moved by subway as well! I moved all my stuff from 137th Street down to 12th street one very hot August. I only took a cab once and that was to take the "bigger" stuff like stereo and tv. I'm not sure why but once I was finished I has such a sense of accomplishment...however I don't think I would ever do that again.

Commenter #3 said...
I think perhaps the subway seats should be redesigned, like bra cups: A, B, C, D, etc....and have the pricing to go along with it, that way if you have extra luggage you have to pay more.

Commenter #4 said...
We're living dual blogger lives. Not only am I moving, but I had a "fat person on the subway experience" too. If your next post is about a dream you had involving Mayor Bloomberg in a bikini this is going to be crrrrazy!

Commenter #5 said...
I think they should just have both regular seats and supersized seats , that was we can all avoid being the person who's responsible for going up to the big person in a regular seat and having to ask them for a dollar to pay rent for that ass. Yikes.

Commenter #6 said...
There is no practical solution, but ideally there would be separate trains, buses, and planes for those who are overly-endowed in the posterior region. Personally, its the people who sit with their legs wide open that bother me.

The Author said...
Well, this really ties into the last post, but I think there's a key difference between a "fat ass" and a "phat ass". Mostly that the "fat ass" goes out, while the "phat ass" goes back. Those with the "phat ass" aren't taking up any additional space, just sitting a little higher. Maybe there could be some model to provide subway riders with perspective, like when you board an airplane. "Your ass must fit within this compartment". And I really like the idea of cup sizes. I think jeans should come that way.

The Author said...
and Commenter #4 - I was wondering when you were going to notice that I'm cribbing your entire life. At least our rotund subway people had different fat distributions. (Mine has a lower risk of heart disease.)

Commenter #7 said...
when you start talking policy, you know that the world is in serious troublei would like to point out that the public health costs of obesityfar out weigh smoking and involve the same kind of politer than though PC public interactions but smokers are spawn of the devil (and i am proud to be one) while fat people are just plain old honest Americans.

Anonymous said (***this was the first real voice of dissention, too bad it was anon, gives it less credibility)...
I wonder how we could start charging for supersized rudeness -- like maybe when you wake up in the morning you should have to pay a rude tax -- $1.00 for rude - $2.00 for really rude - but then who would determine the difference - lets just call you really rude to make it easier on your size small brain.

Commenter #8 said...
Having been squished by the asspillithovers on many an occassion, I'm feeling this post. My other pet peeve of subway space hoggers? Those idiots that lean their entire body on the pole I'm trying to hold onto. Hate them with a passion my 'accidentally' jabbing my knuckle deep into their spine just doesn't fully communicate.

Commenter #5 said...
Author - what do you mean by cribbin my entire life? *I'm having a slow day :P

othur-me (this was my comment, when I wasn’t that mad and wasn’t taking this too seriously, before The Author started defending her bigotry) said...
It seems to me that anyone with "plenty of wiggle room" should be charged extra for wasting space. My fat ass fits in the seats perfectly, so I should never be charged extra. What they should do is make different size seats and charge the same price for everyone. Then fine people who sit in seats that don't exactly fit their butt, bigger or smaller. Anyone who's ass is so skinny that they still have wiggle room in the smallest seat should stand. And if someone is too tall to stand they should chop off their feet.

Commenter #9 said...
So if I understand anon's post, then I can pay a licensing fee for rudeness? If so, I'll take a year's of extra rude and run a tab for The Author. Smartest $730 I've ever spent. Aside from my divorce lawyer. Which was more than $730. But worth every penny

The First Voice Of Reason said...
Perhaps one of the biggest problems in the world today is intolerance. (I actually have trouble thinking of problems that couldn't be solved with more tolerance... but I digress) Think of the obesity as a disease, because it is one. The individuals suffering from obesity will also be victims of complications made by the extra weight they carry around. So if a shorter life wasn't enough punishment they also endure the ridicule of your blog. I'm not at all suggesting you become more PC, just trying to "make-you-hmmm" .

The First Voice Of Reason, obesity is not a disease. you eat a lot, you get fat. plain and simple. labeling everything a disease helps people shift the blame from themselves for things. "It's not my fault, I have a disease." and i love how you give the most pc comment i've seen a while, then sum it up with "I'm not at all suggesting you become more PC" Uhhhh...yes you are! :) The Author is fine the way she is.

The Author said...
Hi The First Voice Of Reason: I have no problem with the obese - only when obesity starts to infringe upon other people's quality of life. (The butt groove has very little to do with this, as one could not be obese and still surpass the groove. When I talked about having 'wiggle room' I meant two inches of clearance, tops. That's an inch on either side of my butt and, phat ass aside, I am a very small person. If jeans were sized like bras, I'd be wearing about a 24-B. Maybe a B+)I find the "disease" label very interesting, though. I'm with ONE COMPLETE MORON on this one: People aren't catching obesity. I see it as more of a social problem than a disease. A lot of kids coming out of bad schools in the Bronx can't read, but we don't (and I think shouldn't) label illiteracy as a "disease", treat them like the permanently disabled, or plead for tolerance from people that think they are plain ol' stupid. The kids are fully capable of reading, they just haven't been given the right tools. Illiteracy is a social issue that has identifiable causes, affects certain groups disproportionably, and is rectifiable through education. I think obesity is very similar and should be treated the same way. *whew* Damn. I think that's the most sincere comment I've made yet!

Commenter #10 said...
something nobody has mentioned yet is that the grooves on subway seats are only on some lines, and even then only some of the time. all the new cars on the 7th ave line, the lexington ave line and the L train have benches with no grooves. and all the really old cars on the 6th ave, 8th ave and broadway lines have no grooves. so maybe people with giant asses should just have to wait for the really new or really old trains.i also have this theory that the only reason the lex and 7th ave lines have new cars is bc they are the ones tourists ride the most often, so that sort of ties in with all the class issues above, but i could be totally making that up - however, when's the last time you saw a family from oklahoma on a train that doesn't go right through grand central or times square?

Commenter #11 said...
First of all, enough making fun of fat people. It's a social disease after all. It's not my fault. Society made me this way. As for the added revenue of the fat tax, it would be lost because you'd have to pay a union wage for someone to stand there and measure someone's ass to see how much they had to pay. So, all would be for naught

Commenter #12 said...
Heck, why don't they start charging more for clothing size 16 and up? After all, if a size 16 was to buy the same silk shirt, 200 silk worms had to die in the making as opposed to 100 for a size 8.

First Voice Of Reason said...
I didn't comment on the blog to cause problems, I was just making an observation. Just to be clear though "A disease is an abnormal condition of the body or mind that causes discomfort, dysfunction, or distress to the person afflicted" from. Now if obesity doesn't cause discomfort and distress, then it's not a disease, but let's be honest it most certainly does. Pathology is the study of disease, but more specifically defines the 'disease' as a departure from a normal condition, ie. overweight, anorexia (both diseases) I could certainly get into a discussion where we define Pathology and Disease... but then that's semantics and really really boring. I'm sure everyone's first impression is that I'm very boring so I will chill out. All of that said, I really do like The Author’s blog, and though I will continue to read it, I promise not to just start some arbitrary arguments

Commenter #13 said...
I just plain don't like those grooves! Same as the arm rests at airports designed to control us! I like the bench style buses and subway cars. I really have a pet peeve with the folks especially guys whose balls are SO BIG they have to keep their legs spread all the time. It is nuts! Territory people territory! Close those legs in bench or booths or stand up with your ginormous equipment. Actually, I take that back, sit next to me, no closer big boy...I have no right to really complain about anybody else on public transiy. I have a disease myself. It's called loudvoice. I try to talk quietly but I am super super loud. One time there was a vibration in my purse, everyone on streetcar could hear it. I was like, oh my god what is it? Then I realized it was my electric toothbrush. Then I realized what everybody else thought it was...I proceeded to haul my electric toothbrush out of my purse making a big todo about "It's my toothbrush MY TOOTHBRUSH."I should just stay at home with my phat voice.

Anonymous said...
good lord people. it's called a joke. sheesh.

Anonymous said...
If you can't fit in it, don't sit in it. " When is the MTA gonna put that ad up?

Commenter #14 said...
If yo butt don't fit, you must acquit!

possibly anonymous said...
disease my ass! or their ass. obescity LEADS to diseases. So stop eating the damn twinkies. get off your damn couch and walk a mile. and finally, if you sit down on the 4 train, and you take up 2 seats,i'm not saying you should get up, but use that shame, pain and agony to get your fat ass to a gym.

Anonymous said...
So if we're paying for the groove, does that mean anyone standing rides for free? Awesome. And I agree that sliding into the next seats groove is irritating, as is hogging the pole, sitting spread eagle and yelling. My personal favorite is someone chomping on some nasty food behind me at 7 am.

Commenter #15 said...
my question is, what if people like sitting on the groove. I don't think that's so much of a stretch that a little groove in the crack might give some people a jolt (get to it!) on their way to/from work. And those people should be charged as well, or maybe those responsible for overspilling get al ittle kickback from those who like groove in the crack.

Commenter #16 said...
Size 16 and up already is charged higher prices. Also, obesity may not be a disease in the pure sense of the word, but it certainly is a disorder for many people. For many, it is a compulsive disorder linked to other problems or issues within a person's life. Just saying get off your ass and exercise is like telling an anorexic to eat a sandwich. It's just cruel. And, by the way, I spin five times a week and ride several miles on my bike each week. But I still have a fat ass, which you can kiss.

"Just saying get off your ass and exercise is like telling an anorexic to eat a sandwich. It's just cruel. "No it's noy. If she's anorexic, someone needs to give her some tough love and tell her to eat! Screw that airy-fairy new age stuff, the last thing she needs is more hand-holding, enabling and excuses. Maybe I'm just too old-school like that.
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Something from another blog....
The words below come from another blog for which I have no intention of identifying the author because I think she is a moron. I had been reading this blog for a couple weeks and enjoying it, but I will no longer read it as she is intolerant of fat people, the group of people for which it is politically acceptable to make fun of, even by people who consider themselves "liberal". Please read on, and I will discuss more in my next entry after you have soaked it up.

Aftter that last post, I think I have big butts on the brain.Yes, I've been thinking about supersize butts. And when I haven't been thinking about supersize butts I've been thinking about the subway. (This preoccupation actually makes a bit of sense, as I've decided to economize my move by making it as painful and inefficient as possible.) Here's how I do it: I make a few subway trips a day - zipping between my old and new apartments with a huge suitcase. I fill the enormous suitcase with old-apartment crap, haul it back downtown while sweating and swearing, dump crap, and then repeat. I feel pretty smug at the end of the day. Why has no else thought of this?Given the amount of time I spend enduring angry looks from people who are annoyed by my big suitcase, it's no surprise that I would try to shift blame away from my cheap self and persecute other people who take up too much space. So, here's what I'm thinking: New York subway seats have grooves. I can only imagine that the grooves were designed after some research, and that they are based on the dimensions of regulation-sized asses. The average New Yorker butt fits the groove, and the honor of placing your ass in the groove (or at least the opportunity to try) costs you $2.00.But some people take up more than one seat! Their butts spill over the allotted width, throwing off the whole system. Now the person next to them has to scoot over and straddle the peak between grooves, and so on and so forth. The result: an unfair seating distribution, wasted space at the end of each row, and a loss of dignity and comfort for everyone involved. (Not to mention a loss of revenue for the city, and indirectly, our nation's public schools.)I'm no policy-maker, but shouldn't subway riders, like obese airline patrons, have to plunk down another $2.00 if their butts exceed the groove? Or maybe just another $1.00, if their butt is merely peeking over the lip of the next seat? I mean, it's not like the groove isn't plenty generous. I sit my big butt in the groove and still have plenty of wiggle-room. Thoughts?
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