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Friday, May 05, 2006
I find myself thinking (and writing) too much about the things I will miss. I have to get over this funk. This feeling that my life is terrible because my kidneys failed. I have tons to be thankful for, but don't have much time devoted to that feeling lately. It's all spent feeling sorry or scared. The truth is I have it better than most. I've never really been "sick" until now, and even at that I'm still managing. I've never been on dialysis and I've heard enough horror stories to know its a terrible thing. I don't know....I think it's because I'm not religious, that I don't have that "thanks for the things I've got" spirit.

Things I will be grateful for:

1) Not being sick.
2) A new working kidney
3) Having a great friend that would give me a kidney
4) Family still around
5) Friends still around
6) Career
7) Having this phase of my life over, and a chance to get over this road bump and go on.
8) My dog

I will probably complain a bunch more, espeically when I'm all hopped up meds. But I wanted to have this post to read back later. Hopefully it will provide me with balance.
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