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Tuesday, May 02, 2006
I have so many things to get done, Its so hard to actually spend time writing. I have loads of thoughts in my head throughtout the day for which I would love to write about and then I don't find the time to actually write it, which is a shame, because I really would like to have this blog to read back after I've been through everything.

I think most people who develop fairly serious illnesses probably feel alone and isolated....and while I've definately felt my share of that over the last few years, as I draw closer to the surgery relationships with other people are becoming warm and fuzzy. Everyone is nice to me....nicer than usual. And I reciprocate in kind....which is nicer than usual. I'm sure that on a regular basis, I see my parents more than most people, and feels this week in particular our time together is so much...almost too much considering how often I will see of them after the surgery, as my recovery will take place in their house.

Friends who have been through it, are giving me lots of advice, almost too much to handle. More than just the usual, be healthy, drink lots of water, don't smoke, take your medicine. I mean little tiny details, like make sure you bring a back scratcher and order your hospital food off the kids menu. Great advice, which I'm sure will be invaluable, but way beyond my thought processes at this moment.

Yeah, warm and fuzzy right now, but still confused. What do I do next and why am I sitting at this stupid computer?
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