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Thursday, May 04, 2006
One of the things I'll miss, at least for awhile, after the surgery is sushi. As an Immuno-suppressed Person (ISP), I'm not supposed to eat raw meats. Bacteria and all that. Being the sushi lover that I am, this will be tough. Seemingly feeling my pain, my in-patient coordinator said it might be ok on rare occasions once I get my drugs stabilized. I hope by rare occasions he means once a week.

Tonight I went to the sushi bar for dinner with my father, trying to take advantage of the few meals I have left with no restrictions. My father is funny. When I was sixteen, any talk of sushi with my father would end up with him saying "YUCK RAW FISH NO WAY NOT ME" or some combination of those 7 words, but he liked cooked Japanese food....he could eat teriyaki anything and absolutely loved tempura, so he was constantly exposed to watching me eat sushi in front of him. The last twenty years or so, I've been able to slowly talk him into sushi, the same way most sushi-resisters start.....california roll, ebi nigiri, cucumber rolls, avocado rolls. As long as there was no raw fish, he would try it. I even tried to get him to eat eel before raw fish because the eel is cooked, but he said there was no way in hell he would ever eat eel. The next thing you know, he's picking up pieces of my salmon and tuna, and off he goes into the world of raw fish. One of my favorite things about eating sushi with my father, is that he never knows what's in the rolls, he just picks them up and eats them. I love seeing the look on his face when I tell him he just ate one with eel (even though he didn't...I never actually let him get that far with the eel, cause I know he will be mad). Its priceless to watch him reach for his napkin to spit out whatever it was he just swallowed even though there was no eel in it. Funny, it tasted fine when he didn't know, but as soon as he thinks it, it's the worst piece of sushi he's ever eaten. He then spends the next ten minutes asking me if there really wasn't any eel in that last piece he ate.

I will miss torturing my father with sushi as an ISP.
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