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Friday, May 19, 2006
My new home after recovery was Unit GS2. As they wheeled my gurney past the waiting room full of my parents and friends and into room 201, Mary began her goodbyes. "They'll take good care of you here Jerry." I knew they would, but I would miss Mary. My throat dry and sore from the breathing tube shoved down my throat during surgery, I squeeked out the best thank you and good bye I could muster.

Oseas (oh-say-us) had already started getting things ready for me. I arrived at 10:30 pm and he would be my nurse until shift change at 7:30am. I was quite comfortable for someone who just had a major abdominal surgery, especially after Oseas explained the PCA button to me. A wonderful little single-button, wired remote control that delivered pain medication to my IV everytime I pushed it. It wass on a ten minute timer so I couldn't go crazy. Yet another wire dangling from my bed to go with the medical spaghetti described here*.

Oseas told me if I needed anything he would be there. And he was. All night long he sat in my room and made sure I was completely cared for. He was awesome. I wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything because your intestinal tract basically falls asllep when you're under general anesthetic and until it wakes up you're stomach is likely to push back what it can't push forward. At this point all I wanted was something to drink because my throat was so completely dry and irritated. It was the 2nd worse pain I had, only to the pain of the catheter which was bothering me in the worst way (and in the worst place).

When the doctor (surgeon's assistant #12 or intern #22, I can't fully remember) came in to check on me, he denied me the priveledge of a glass of water, despite my pleas. Osaes, obviously well versed in the art of doctor manipulation, lobbied on my behalf for a glass of ice chips, aware that I didn't know to ask for them myself. He instantly went down in my book as "one awesome guy" as those ice chips were sent from heaven and I requested them all night long. Poor Oseas was doomed to spoon feed me little shards of ice every hour on the hour, because I didn't sleep well. Not because I was in pain or anything. I just wasn't that tired. The doctors said it was common the first night, because you have basically been sleeping all day thought the surgery.

In the morning, Osaes informed me that the doctors had put in an order to move me to Unti E3 (the transplant unit), but it was full. So, for the mean time, I would stay here in GS2. Whew! I like it here. And then my very cute nurse Denise came on shift and I liked it even more.

I hope I get to stay here. I really hope I get to stay here.

*When you add to this scene the wired TV remote and my CPAP (which is a mask that goes over my face when I sleep and forces air up my nose to treat my sleep apnea), I'm sure I was a vision in life support. Anyone stranger that may have meandered into the wrong room would have truly thought they were witnessing a coma awakening when I sat up, ripped off my CPAP and asked "Who are you?" A MIRACLE!
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